Bigg Boss 13 Episode 125 Full Episode Watch Online

Bigg Boss 13 season finale day 125 has left the contestants divided and fighting for supremacy. As per the rules, no one can fight with their connections. In this episode, Vikas declared Arti Singh out of the captaincy race. But Kashmera Shah said that Arti is playing a double game by refusing to talk to him. This discussion turned ugly and the contestants were divided into two teams.

In another episode of the show, Vikas throws some cash at Himanshi and argues with him over the captaincy. He also accuses him of stealing notes from the team. Vikas, Shehnaaz and Himanshi argued over the task yesterday. Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill banter. Himanshi Khurana faints when she sees Asim throwing money at him.

During the next episode, the competition was very heated and tense. It was also seen that Asim Riaz and Vikas were at odds with each other. In this episode, the captaincy task was a very tough one for the contestants. As the result, the teams had to decide who would win. The episode ended with a shocking twist. Rashami was left shocked by the shocking revelation made by Vikas.

In the finale, Vishal and Shehnaaz are in a battle for supremacy. Both of them are fighting for the final spot. The fight ends with Sidharth shutting down Shehnaaz, who is vishal’s brother. Shehnaaz then calls Sidharth to break up with her brother. She asks Sidharth to forgive her because she doesn’t want to be hurt in the process.

On the other hand, the contestants have to save Arti Singh’s nomination by completing the captaincy task. After that, they will get another task where fights will play a major role. The team will also have to get rid of a dummy skull. Once the task has been solved, the contestants will be able to compete for the captaincy. These are just some of the highlights of episode 125. The episode will be a ‘bigg boss’ event!

Salman asks Himanshi why she didn’t reply to the question. The former reveals that she didn’t want to marry Sidharth as she does not consider him loyal. Asim then asks her how to explain her feelings to Himanshi. Shehnaaz tells him that she knows about the outside relationships of Salman and Asim. This makes Salman angry and asks her to clear things with Rashami.


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