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Basketball HI88 among the most popular games in the Thể Thao Hi88. The game converges with many dramatic matches and interesting bets. The chance for the bettor to receive a huge bonus is very large. Follow the article below of HI88 to not miss this great opportunity.

A brief overview of Basketball HI88

Basketball is a recreational sport that is no stranger to HI88 members.Basketball has an attractive attraction when not only satisfying passion but also helping bettors receive huge rewards through many types of bets.

Overview of HI88 Basketball

Each Basketball game will last approximately 10 minutes for each inning. Each match consists of 4 rounds. Participants bet on the winning team. Right after the end of 4 rounds Basketball HI88, the player will know the result of winning or losing the bet.

Currently, HI88 offers all basketball games of major leagues around the world. You will be able to follow these head-to-head matches anywhere, anytime with simple operation. With a sharp transmission system, vivid sound brings an exciting competition atmosphere as if you were present at the gymnasium.

Types of Basketball Betting HI88

Similar to Football, for Basketball there are also bets for players to bet on each match. Popular Basketball markets in Nhà cái Hi88 that is:

Moneyline bets

This is the bet that predicts the basketball team to win the last match of the match. This betting method has a pretty high win rate of 50/50. At the same time, this is also the simplest and most popular bet today, very suitable for beginners.

Types of betting on Basketball HI88

Handicap bets

Based on the odds table, one team will receive a handicap against the other. Usually, the handicap will be added to the weaker team to create a balance during the match. After the Basketball game is over, the handicap will be added to the actual score. The team with the greater total score will be the winner.

Over and under bets

This is a form of betting to predict the total score of the match Basketball HI88 less/more than the number of points offered by the dealer. If the actual result is higher than Over/Over. If the result is lower, Under/Under bets will be placed.

Other bets

In addition to the usual bets, Basketball at HI88 There are also many other popular bets applied in matches such as:

  • Bet on which player will score the most points per half and match out of all the players present on the field.
  • Basketball team betslet’s throw get the most 3 points.
  • Which Basketball team to bet on? successful executionThrow the ball into the first or last basket.
  • Bet on which Basketball team will score 20 points first or have the most throws.

Basketball betting experience HI88

To help players win bets when playing Basketball, the players shared some experiences that gamers can apply. With these tips will help you increase your chances of winning huge rewards:

HI88 Basketball betting experience

Based on the play of the teams

Here’s how to bet Basketball HI88Simple but effective. Usually, before entering the match, each team will develop its own strategy. Based on that, players can identify the basic playing style. According to experience from professional people, you should choose to bet on the team that throws in the line, the winning rate will be higher.

Observe the HI88 Basketball odds period

In order to make accurate bets, members need to monitor the basketball odds regularly. Gamers should pay attention to the change of bets to make appropriate choices. If during a period of time the bet decreases but increases again, the bettor should boldly place a bet. This can be an opportunity for participants to earn large sums of money.

Thorough analysis of history and lineups

It can be said that this is the method of basketball betting that is recommended by many betting experts. To accurately identify the team Basketball HI88 Which one is stronger, you need to base on their playing history.

From there, players can make a choice of bets to win their advantage. In addition, knowing the lineup of each team also helps gamers accurately predict the outcome of the match.

Thoroughly updated odds

There are many basketball betting forums on the market for players to refer to. However, you should keep in mind that such betting information is for reference only. To ensure accuracy, members need to base themselves on their own knowledge and experience. Practice your odds analysis skills. Thus, each down the bet will increase the probability of winning the bet.

Basketball HI88 increasingly proving the position of a quality betting game. Hopefully the above data will help participants better understand this genre. Visit HI88 for a chance to immerse yourself in an exciting and dramatic Basketball match!


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