An Initiative to Emancipate Women – Take an Overview

In Australia, Indian citizens are united with a strong commitment to building up a powerful society to fight for peace, gender equality, and women emancipation. We have launched our non-profit organization to help them fulfil their dream. Whittlesea Womenhood Association Inc is our reputed and dependable NGO which is a supreme leader to guide million of Indian origins to enhance the community resilience with the rich vision of improving the lifestyles of women living in this advanced country.  Click here to know about the new updates and free quotes.

Why Do Women Require Us?

Whitelesea Womanhood Association is an integrated and organized platform for Indian women to claim their rights to education. They should not be backward classes. In the whole world, the position of girls is fast changing with the advancement in technology. We understand that it is the best time for accepting innovation to wipe out severe gender bias, atrocities, brutality, and injustice from society. Women are helpless when they are not supported by the higher authorities of the nation. We are here with a bold unbeaten resolution to make them innovative, self-reliant, and proactive to cope with male partners. Our organization has experienced motivational mentors to inspire them how to steer clear of all hurdles blocking their way to success. Meet us for free online consultation, moral support, and awesome cooperation to settle different types of social follies and disputes.

Our Top Initiatives 

  • Women health
  • Mental and Social Wellbeing
  • Women Empowerment
  • Multicultural Community
  • Family Violence and Prevention

Top Priority to Women Health

Due to malnutrition, lack of sex education, illiteracy, and religious dogmas, many women are still suffering from poor health. They need the regular nutritional pack to reconstruct the self-defense system. Our non-profit organization in Australia has designed a comprehensive women health and wellness plan with the mission of improving the lifestyle of Indian girls residing in Australia. To do that, we have opened a virtual tutorial center for online guidance to make women aware of the best dietary program for faster obesity management, restoration of sound health, and physical fitness through exercise. Talk to our best healthcare consultants about how to become strong and healthy. This website daily provides the blogs, articles and information about current affairs.


We have the bright vision to bring Indian origins under a single umbrella to form a solid community that must take care of their needs. We will try to empower women to assist men to reach the target. They are not enemies but they are interdependent to let the world become the safest place for the next generation. We have plans to take them to represent general elections for participating in nation-building activities. We accelerate female representation in the e-commerce world, sports, and assemblies to hold prestigious portfolios to develop the country.


Our mission is to educate women about the modern healthcare systems. Same way, they will be dynamic with determination to overcome domestic violence, insurgency, and gender inequality. We have wonderful teamwork to implement our futuristic projects for the faster improvement of Indian women in Australia. Click here to do self-pace research online to start journey from known to unknown facts.

Last but not the least; instead of separating Indian origins from the mainstream of Australian culture, we are more conscious of creating a bridge for better communication with native Aussies in this country. Our commitment is to reunite them with families removing misunderstandings and myths. We track and screen the processes of women empowerment, right to equality, and solidarity among Indian origins in Australia. Finally, to know more about us, please visit


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