A New Future for Gaming with Blockchain-powered Xbit Coin

Xbit Coin is a cryptocurrency that has been especially designed for online gaming. There are many unique facts about this coin. But its characteristics are more than just the powerful Blockchain technological features.

One of the most important features of this cryptocurrency is that it can be used in the online Casino Xbit. Therefore, it can be said that the Xbit Coin is considered as representative shares for the Xbit Casino.

In this article, we will take a much deeper look into this coin.

Benefits of Xbit Coin

It is true that Xbit Coin has been developed for online gaming, and especially for the Xbit casino, it can be used for financial transfers.

So, given the price of the coin at the moment, Xbit Coins can be used for financial transfer much like any other coin. But the applications of this coin are much more.

As mentioned above, Xbit Coin is accepted exclusively by Casino Xbit. Therefore, Xbit coins are known as representative of revenue shares of casino Xbit. Since, in a way all the users and owners of the coin will benefit from the casino as well.

As the casino performs better and more and more players are attracted to its games, this increases the value of the coins that are used in this casino, which is Xbit coin.

In addition, Counos Platform has provided its staking service for this project.

With the help of this feature, all the owners Xbit coins will be able to stake them. In the process of staking, the staked coins are frozen and transferrable. In return, users will receive an annual interest of 5 percent.

This allows gamers and all the users to benefit even more with the help of Xbit cryptocurrency.

How to Buy Xbit Coin

The best way will always be to buy this coin directly from this link.

This simple way will allow you to purchase Xbit Coins directly and as easily as possible. There is a simple form that you need to fill. Then you need to transfer the funds and provide proof of payment. That’s it. The purchase is finished, and Xbit Coins will be transferred to your wallet.

With the help of this Direct Buy method, you will be able to purchase Xbit in exchange for Counos X (CCXX), Tether (USDT), and Wrapped Xbit (WXBT).

As you can see in the picture, when you fill the form, you pick one of these digital currencies to make the payment. For instance, you can make the payment easily and quickly with Counos X, and then receive the appropriate amount in Xbit Coins.

In addition, Xbit Coin will soon get listed on Alterdice, with the following pairs: XBT/USDT and XBT/CCXX, meaning that you will be able to purchase Xbit with Tether and Counos X, and also vice versa.

Many more exchanges will list Xbit soon, and other than Alterdice, ExMarkets, DexTrade, Emirex, Koopal Exchange, DEX Koopal, Counos Centralized Exchange, and Counos DEX are also among these exchanges.

Technical Info

Xbit Coin, also known with its exclusive code XBT, has been developed based on SHA-256 algorithm. This algorithm is one of the most popular in the crypto world, with other cryptocurrencies having implemented it, including Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Xbit Coin has its own independently run and operated Blockchain network. This is not the case for all cryptocurrencies. Many cryptos are developed and run based on other Blockchain networks. But, obviously, having an independent Blockchain network will have enormous advantages for the users.

Xbit Coin has a total cap of 1 billion (1,000,000,000) coins. All of these coins have already been mined and ready for use.

The one billion coins are distributed in the following way: 400 million coins are provided to early investors who established the casino and the development team. 400 million coins are offered to ordinary buyers. The rest of the 200 million coins are provided to the business operators.


In this article we presented the most important ways in which Xbit coin can be of benefit for owners and users. We also talked about the technical information about this coin and the different ways in which this coin can be purchased.

But, what needs to be emphasized even more so is that fact that the wealth creation base of Xbit Coin is closely related to Casino Xbit. This casino is where the wealth is created. And in a way this wealth is divided among the owners. Because this wealth creation will increase the value of the coin. And that is the real power of Xbit coin.

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