3 Winter Skincare Tips You Can Use At Any Age

With winter coming on soon, it’s time to start thinking about how your skincare routines may need to change along with the weather. Especially in places where winter weather gets bitterly cold, it’s wise to make some adjustments to how you care for your skin in order to keep up with the elements.

To help you see how this can be done, whether you’re a teenager or living in an assisted living community, here are three winter skincare tips you can use at any age. 

Focus On All-Over Hydration

One of the most common skin complaints from people during the winter months is dryness. With a lack of humidity in the air and cold winds blowing, it’s easy for anyone’s skin to start getting dry and cracked. But luckily, you can fight this off with your own steps toward hydration. 

While it’s good to use a thicker moisturizer cream to lock hydration into your skin, this is really only going to do you much good if you’re staying hydrated from the inside out. So along with getting a thicker cream for your skin in the winter, you’ll also want to take steps to ensure that you’re drinking enough water so that your skin has moisture to retain when you apply your thicker creams.  

Stop Using Scorching Hot Water

Sometimes, one of the best things to do after coming in from being outside on a cold winter day is to jump into a hot shower and let that water soak into your body. But while this might feel good as far as warming you up, using this hot water isn’t actually good for your skin. 

When you use water that’s too hot for your skin, it can cause your dry skin to flare up even more, becoming red and sensitive. Rather than doing this, try using warm water to wash your skin. And when you’re washing your hands, you can even use cold water to get your hands just as clean of germs as they would be with using hot water. 

Schedule In Some Skin Treatments

People often feel that the winter is when their skin needs the most care and attention. If this is how you feel, then winter is the perfect time to schedule in some skin treatments to help your skin look and feel its best. 

If you’ve never gotten a facial before, consider scheduling one this winter to help see the difference it can make with your skin. And if you’re ready for something a little more intense, you can look into peels or laser treatments to help your skin really glow this winter. 

If you’re needing some added skincare tips to put into practice this winter, consider implementing some of the advice mentioned about to help you have the best winter skin of your life. 


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